How This Works

How Shipping Works~

Purchases totaling 1.00 to 59.99 have a one time flat rate shipping of 4.88 on their order.

Purchases totaling 60.00 or more ship for free.

I ship priority or first class USPS. I do, however reserve the right to ship another method if an item qualifies for special freight or oversize girth services.

I ship to the United States, APO’s and US Territories only. I ship within 1 to 3 business days of cleared payment. Your item comes insured and tracked. Your tracking number is viewable in your Paypal transaction summary.

I use clean, appropriate, packing medium for your fragile item. Sometimes new, sometimes reused. Please recycle.

I often use lightweight boxes, such as a Poptart box or something of that nature that I have turned inside out, to ship small items. Or the occasional previously used bubble mailer. This keeps my cost down, which in turn, keeps your cost down.

In total disclosure & transparency, & because I know I am going to get the question, “You have sold on ETSY for 13 years, where did your ETSY shop go?”…It’s still there and I am taking a break from the big orange E while their new shipping policies are being worked out, or forever, if things continue to spiral down into the pits of damnation.

If you are out of the loop on the new shipping poo starting August 1st, 2019 here it is in a nutshell (handmade nutshell full of rabid porcupines and other awful things)…

Sellers on ETSY that do not offer ETSY’s new free shipping guarantee, will have non-priority placement in search. This is regardless if you pay for promoted listings & the fact you are paying the same insertion fee as everyone else.

But FREE shipping is good! Right?… Free shipping is unrealistic for handmade. Etsy knows this, their solution was to (and I quote) “Gently roll shipping into the cost of the item.” I guess if you do it ‘gently’ the buyer automatically becomes a brain dead zombie & isn’t going to notice. This also causes the problem of the buyer losing the combined shipping discount.

So, here I am on my own site, that you probably didn’t know I had.

“But you have low shipping & free shipping over here, so I don’t get it?…” Yes, here I don’t pay Etsy commissions on what I sell (including shipping, free or not-did you know that?), or the pricey fees for promoted listings, ads & etsy-pay processing, so I can afford to offer better prices on my own site.


I accept Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still use Paypal as a guest.


Returns, replacements & exchanges are on a case by case basis. I’m pretty easy and have very few issues. Email me if you have a question or need help with an insurance claim.

Thank you, Lisa Behrens